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A long time ago there was a man named Seamus O’Brien, an Irishman of moderate means. Seamus was a quiet man not known for a whole lot except his taste for beer and the ribbing he took for it. You see in a land known for its incredible whiskies, Seamus just never took to distilled spirits. When his love of barley and hops reached a peak, his friends just began calling him fugs O’brien. Having had enough, and feeling the need to move on, Seamus fugs O’Brien hopped a ship to America, landing in New York City.
New York was exciting and full of people from everywhere. Seamus took a job in construction and worked for many years in and around New York enjoying both the speed of the city and the choices in food and fun. But the size of the city left Seamus wanting. He missed the small bars and good friends he had back in Ireland. So one day he picked up his savings, packed what he had and hopped a train West.
He left the train in Kingman, AZ right on the famed Route 66 on a January day, and while the city had appeal for him, he really wanted out of the cold. He hitched his way down route 66 and then even further south to a new town in the desert called Lake Havasu City. There he found an actual piece of home. You see some crazy fool actually bought the London Bridge and put it up in the desert. As if that was not crazy enough the developer had to dig a river for the bridge to go over.
Seamus “fugs” O’Brien decided to open a pub on a dirt road where they said a downtown would one day be. He found a few laborers whom he paid in beer and Seamus fugs O’Brien opened fugs on what would become the corner of McCulloch and Media Center drive. Semus poured no spirits, just beer and wines.
This is where the tale goes cold until just a few years ago when, during a sewer repair under what is now The Media Center an old beer can was found, confirming the legend of Seamus fugs O’brien. And the people who owned the building and some of their close friends got together to rebuild fugs in its original location.
Seamus fugs O’brien has not been heard from in quite some time, but when he finally comes back he’ll find his bar, fugs, open and carrying on his tradition.
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