Our Story

FiveStars is growing fast, but our team remains a close knit family.
We would love to share our story with you.

How it all began

Our co-founders, Matt and Victor, began as top consultants at McKinsey, where they were first exposed to the power of customer loyalty programs. They quickly realized why almost every Fortune 500 willingly spends MILLIONS of dollars on their in house loyalty programs...because a well-executed loyalty program is extremely profitable. With this in mind, Matt and Victor begin paying more attention to loyalty in their everyday lives. After living in New York City for two years and collecting stamp cards from all their favorite restaurants (and having countless keychain cards on their keyring) they hit the wall. Their wallets were packed. They lost cards all the time. They got frustrated. There had to be a better way...

In the fall of 2010, they sat around a living room table and decided to figure out a solution. From there, they assembled a talented young team and FiveStars was born! We interviewed over one hundred business owners, figured out what they wanted, and started building a seamless solution. Sure, there were difficult problems to solve and countless late nights, but hey, we’re young and this is the Silicon Valley!

From our very first roll-out, local businesses and their customers have given us amazing support and encouragement, for which we are infinitely thankful. We are continually improving our program so that we can bring the most cutting edge technology to business owners everywhere. Our mission is to help businesses make their customers happy and to keep those customers coming back (with a few friends, of course).