7730 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116
Monday 12–9PM
 • Tuesday 12–9PM
 • Wednesday 12–9PM
 • Thursday 12–9PM
 • Friday 12–9PM
 • Saturday 12–9PM
 • Sunday 12–9PM

Kraze Frozen Treats-Montgomery Rewards

About Kraze Frozen Treats-Montgomery

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED! Kraze serves delicious ice cream, gelato, Italian ice, frozen yogurt, custards and sorbets. Create your own cup, smoothie, shake or swirl-fusion w/ 27 flavors and dozens of toppings! Choose from three sizes of cups for your special treat or create your own shake, smoothie or swirl-fusion. . Also enjoy knowing that you can stay healthy with low or non-fat, cholesterol-free frozen yogurt that strengthens the immune and digestive systems. Our yogurt, custard, and sorbet is also a great source of calcium and live active cultures. Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts.
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