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About The Juice Parlor

The Juice Parlor offers hand-crafted juices, smoothies, and acai bowls that have been created to make you feel good.
We believe in the true healing powers of organic, raw, and fresh ingredients.
Our belief is that it’s better to feel good, and in a fast-paced environment like Los Angeles,
The Juice Parlor is the perfect stop to feel good, refuel, and enjoy life.
Come visit us!

We want you to feel good. Nothing else in the world matters as much as how you feel on the inside – and that’s something that makes us stand out from the rest.

We also feel very strongly about educating our customers about the health benefits of organic juices, smoothies and acai bowls, and to be aware of the healing properties of natural and organic ingredients.


Our Story

Creators of The Juice Parlor, Husband and wife, Dima and Sarina have been through a rollercoaster of challenges. Sarina was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and since then has dealt with issues that doctors can’t even figure out. So both Sarina and Dima went on a mission to find the things that made Sarina feel good and feel like herself again. After taking supplements and attempting herbal remedies, this didn’t quite cut it. After researching natural remedies, we soon realized that we had over-complicated the solution.

We went back to the basics, and started juicing and blending organic, raw, gluten-free, and natural ingredients, and changing how we look at food and what we drink. Juicing and blending fruits and vegetables was the biggest and most effective change that helped Sarina feel like herself again. She finally found the energy to take those yoga classes, the motivation to do the work she loves to do, and feel amazing from the inside-out.

We realized that life is fragile, and can get stressful, complicated, and down-right crazy – but, making sure that we fuel our bodies with the right ingredients can make us feel good, and then deal with everything else that comes our way.

Sarina is the artsy and brainy part of The Juice Parlor – she has a technical background in environmental science and has an eye for the arts and design. She has worked in both non-profit and corporate sectors – so, she understands how to stand by a mission and create a brand. She is also a true believer in healing through organic juices, smoothies and acai bowls and natural foods. Come by and have a talk with her about her health journey!

Dima is the technical brains of The Juice Parlor. He has a strong background in finance, sales, and marketing. He has spent the past three years as a Director of Sales and Marketing. He is also very passionate about working out, being healthy, and most importantly feeling good. Dima loves his clients and loves to help his clients understand the meaning behind each juice, smoothie, and bowl. You can find him at The Juice Parlor living his passion every day. Come by and say hi!
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