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About Jar + Fork

What is Jar + Fork?

Jar + Fork is a fast-casual restaurant and juicer aimed at serving health conscious comfort food for those individuals with a “fast life” that want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We believe that the fuel you consume is the gateway to your best self and so we make every effort possible to offer juices and meals that are good for your body.


To cook the way you wish you had time to: we know it’s hard to consume healthy meals day after day, and so we’re working hard to source and develop dishes that you would cook in your own kitchen if you had the time.
Superfoods that FUEL you: a superfood is a food that has a high concentration of nutrients. Unfortunately they are not regularly consumed by most of us. We make an effort to add these foods to a variety of our meals and smoothies and juices for a dose of nutrition for your body.
Cleanses to give your body a break: let’s face it, we’ve all fed ourselves some harsh food before in the name of deliciousness, reward or just because. Our bodies do a LOT of work to digest and use the food we consume. So much so that it takes up to 80% of your body’s energy to process what you eat! Imagine if that energy was used to repair and rejuvenate the body while STILL getting a concentrated dosage of nutrients from cold-pressed juices. You’d have more energy, clarity and will set yourself up to keep making healthy choices. Our cleanses are designed to do just that and we can customize to those on a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Check out our cleanse tab for more information.
Responsibly Sourced Proteins: this means that each protein we serve whether it be from land or sea, has been picked out carefully to make sure it is the best quality we can get at the time. This could mean that it’s local, grass-fed, organic, non-gmo or all of those things. Good quality animal products are important to us.
Health-Conscious Breakfast + Lunch that actually TASTE good: we know that lots of people cringe when they hear the word vegan. Or that gluten-free can be synonymous with cardboard. We know that it doesn’t have to be like this and so we have talented chef’s in our kitchen that know how to use the power of produce, grains and seasonings to create foods, juices and smoothies that taste great and just happen to be great for you.
Juices served in GLASS bottles: we care about the environment. One way we pitch in is by committing to serving our juices in high quality glass bottles that can be recycled OR brought back in to Jar + Fork for a discount on your purchase that day. Cheers to that!
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