14838 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027
Mon - Thur: 11:30a - 3:30p
 •  5:00p -10:00p
 • Fri: 11:30a - 3:30p
 •  5:00p - 10:30p
 • Sat: 12:00p - 3:30p
 •  5:00p - 10:30p
 • Sun: 12:00p - 3:30p
 •  5:00p - 10:00p

NORI TORI SUSHI Buffet Rewards


If you don't want to pick between all of your Japanese favorites, head to Shinju Japanese Buffet. The restaurant is located at 14838 Pines Blvd in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and four other locations are also present in South Florida.
At Shinju Japanese Buffet, patrons can indulge in a wide variety of delicious entrees, appetizers, sides and desserts. There are over 100 items on the buffet line, so you're sure to find plenty of things that you love. Start your meal with fresh sushi, or head to the hibachi grill area to enjoy meats, vegetables and more that are fresh off the grill. The restaurant also serves up plenty of seafood, so it's a great place for diners who love shrimp, crab legs and more.
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