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Dancing Fingers Massage Rewards

About Dancing Fingers Massage

Hi! Thanks for visiting! We've been providing professional Chinese Tui Na (twee nah) massage therapy to Chicagoans in, and visitors to, our near north side community since 2008. We are humbled by your praise and thank everyone for your continued patronage. We appreciate it very much! Your pain stops here : )

In that decade plus of proud service, we have developed many valued friends and customers. For example: Our rewards program has over 2000 active members, and we have hundreds of positive reviews across many platforms. Google, Yelp, Groupon, Trip Advisor and many more.

We pride ourselves on doing one thing very well, which is providing fantastic massage and reflexology therapy. By so doing we promote the health and wellness of our near north community while welcoming visitors to our great city with a safe, friendly place to de-stress. Many of these valued customers have added us to their Chicago itinerary, a fact by which we are greatly humbled and honored.

By design our facilities are pleasant and utilitarian. We are NOT a "Spa", nor are we intended to be. We ARE without doubt one of the best destinations for professional therapeutic Chinese massage and reflexology in Chicagoland!

We believe this is why we have 4+ Stars on many sites over hundreds of reviews - 467 on Groupon alone.

Thank you very much for your patronage! We value you greatly.

To get your time just call 312 643 8688. Your pain stops here!
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