17 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701
Monday - Saturday 8-8pm
 • Sunday 10-7pm

Sam's Wedges & Pizzeria Rewards

About Sam's Wedges & Pizzeria

Sam's has been a staple in the center of Yonkers for over 45 years. After a fire burned down the beloved establishment, the resilient owner reopened its door a year later. The faithful following has reestablished Sam's as to go to place for a classic "New York slice." The genuine pull of Sam's is it's traditional family recipes and it's great personal customer service. They boast an amazing array of traditional Italian entrees as well as delicious wedges, and breakfast as well. Call them for all your catering needs and holiday trays. Party wedges are also available. Their doors have seen generations move through them and they look forward to many more years of servicing the community. Come on by!
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