414 Danforth Ave. , Toronto, ON M4K1P3
OPEN: Monday to Thursday 12:00 PM to 12 ish Friday to Sunday 10:00 am to 1am

Dolce Gelato Rewards

About Dolce Gelato

Toronto residents are starting to rave over the new selection of gelato available to them. The Dolce Gelato store is drawing in a lot of attention, because people simply seem to enjoy what they can get through here. The gelato itself is creamy and well made, but the store made a name for itself with its large line up of different flavors.

Some people are often impressed to learn about the different options available to them through here. You can even combine flavors to get the best of different styles. If you don't know which to try first, just ask the staff for their recommendations. Try them out soon if you would like to stop by at 414 Danforth Ave. in Toronto.
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