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The Burger Barn Rewards

About The Burger Barn

The first "The Burger Barn" opened in 2009, in the small town Hebbroville, Texas, to satisfy the cravings for authentic burgers and wings. But we wanted to do more than provide customers with authentic flavors and foods. We wanted to give them a "Fresh Experience". Our commitment to the "Fresh Experience" led to a tremendous reception from our guests, and the expansion of our restaurant and business.

The restaurant expanded from a 12' x 24' building with only outdoor seating into a restaurant with a 1,500 square foot dining room capable of seating 80 people. Like our first restaurant, our business is continually growing. In 2011, we opened our second location in Manvel, Texas. 2014 is a big year for us, here at The Burger Barn: we opened our third location in Rosenberg, Texas, and our fourth location in Baytown, Texas. We owe to great food, the dedication of a great staff, and the love and support from the incredible guests that dine in our restaurants.
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