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V-storm Rewards

About V-storm

VaporStorm owners Jason and Christi Alksne have expanded to open a Calgary based E Juice company, with experience since 2009 in the electronic cigarette industry.
Vaporstorm Inc. was founded by Jason and Christi Alksne in Calgary AB, Canada.
Understanding the life long struggles of trying to quit smoking, they were able to toss cigarettes for good with the help of e-cigarettes. They strive to help others empower and free themselves from smoking, with extensive knowledge in the industry (since 2011), and quality products.

Rocky Mountain Vape was founded by Jason and Christi Alksne with the goal to provide customers with the cleanest, purest flavoured e-juice. As more and more vape shops started popping up, trying to get information on ingredients in e-juice was unclear. Many e-juice companies often over flavoured, using sugar based flavouring, resulting in coils burning out too quickly. Vaporstorm wanted to change that, they wanted to create the cleanest burning juice with just enough flavour, no more, no less. We wanted to fully disclose what is in our products. We offered the very first flavour bar in Canada, where customers could come in try the flavours before they buy. We also offered the largest “juice bar” available. Because we have master mixing on a small scale, our customers can come into the store and customize their own blend of juice to their liking, the possibilities are endless!

My wife Christi and I have been selling e-cigarettes since 2009, and Subtlemix has been making juice since 2013. Juice quality is our number one concern for customer satisfaction. In our store I run what I call a “Flavour Bar”, this is where we pre-steep various nicotine quantity bases. Our customers can then create any flavour they like and I add the flavouring right there in front of them. Mixing juice on such a fine level has vastly increased my abilities in flavour mixing on larger levels. Vaporstorm E-juice is made at Dream Labs out of Calgary, and we are equipped to handle any and all scientific testing.

At Subtlemix we screen our flavour concentrate companies thoroughly regarding additives such as: natural sugars, artificial sweeteners like Splenda, and diacetyl. The flavour concentrates we use contain absolutely no diacetyl. At Subtlemix we are known for not only having the best tasting juice, but also the best burning juice this comes down to balance and due diligence.
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