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Ben's Barketplace - Roseville Rewards

About Ben's Barketplace - Roseville

Happy, healthy pets are our passion at Ben's Barketplace. At Ben's, we are dedicated to the health of your pets and educating consumers about the endless health benefits a raw diet can do for their furry friends. Stop by today and check out our great selection of raw food, freeze-dried raw food and the best kibble and dry food on Earth. We sell more raw dog and cat food than any one in the state!

Established in 2005.

At Ben's Barketplace® we are on a conscientious mission. That mission is centered on providing the education and information to all dog and cat owners with the health and well-being of your pets at the forefront of everything we do.

Ben's Barketplace® is an unusual pet store. We specialize in dietary, nutritional, and health information on products for both dogs and cats.

Business Owner
Brad, a retired state trooper, was selected as the very first K-9 officer in his area office, in 1998. Brad deployed with two K-9's in his career: first Ben, and then Nikita, a Belgian Malinois. After Nikita retired, Brad transferred to the Academy, becoming the departmental K-9 trainer. Ben was the 1999 WSPCA Narcotics Champion!

Brad initially became interested in K9 nutrition and the importance of their optimal nutrition and researched the highest quality pet products while training these elite dogs. "K-9's are the equivalent of Olympic athletes. They must remain in top physical condition. Their diet is crucial, and a species correct diet is the best choice," says Brad.
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