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Monday 7AM–7PM
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Mint Eco Car Wash Rewards

About Mint Eco Car Wash

Mint Eco Car Wash was founded with the mission of re-inventing the car wash from top to bottom. Or, as we like to say: A Fresh Approach to Washing Cars. Achieving our mission starts with why we are in business in the first place: to make people happy. We believe that a clean car makes you feel good....makes you feel optimistic about the rest of your day. Every element of your experience at Mint Eco Car Wash is designed to relax you. By the time you get your car, we hope you feel less stressed and happy. And we love being in the business of selling happiness.

How will we accomplish this unique and lofty goal? 1. By being experts in our field
2. Bringing a critical eye to everything we do
3. Viewing our relationships with customers, employees, the community, and the environment as long term relationships
4. Consistently, clearly, and honestly communicating with our constituents.

Please stop by and give us a try! We hope you enjoy our Fresh Approach.
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