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J's Place - Pierce Rewards

About J's Place - Pierce

J’s Place opened on March 17, 2016 and so began a family offering a great place to visit with incredible food.
How and why did J’s Place start?? Well with great influence from my family, after growing up on a dairy farm which also owned a soft serve ice cream place, I knew there was so much I wanted to bring and try in one of Pierce’s historical businesses. Every good community needs and loves a scrumptious ice cream place and that is why I have done everything to start J’s Place. The location has been here since the 1920s and has had many different owners, but has offered food for majority of its time. Like every building upkeep is needed and when I purchased it I did a complete internal remodel and thrive to continue its cleanliness today.
J’s Place employees are encouraged to make your visit happy, fun and DELICIOUS. We offer over 15 different sandwiches and a number of sides to go with them. I have taken a lot of pride in choosing good food and making it as finger licking good as can be offered. IF you have room for a great dessert after eating - what a better place to enjoy a unique creation by choosing from over 40 toppings on the creamiest ice cream around. BEWARE too many choices can make a mouthwatering headache, but worth every bite.
Due to being a heavenly ice cream place with great food, it is a place that excels in favorable weather, so we are closed for part of the winter. Personally I have a young family and desire to spend the holidays with them, along with completely cleaning a year of grease and grime that builds up.
Keep watching for great deals and fun ideas then share with friends and family!! Please share your experience with everyone, hate leaving people out of such awesome fun!!
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