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Drifthouse by David Burke Rewards

About Drifthouse by David Burke

How to earn points:

Earn one point for each dollar spent. *See restrictions below

Earn a bonus of 50 points on every fifth visit.

Earn double points for each dollar spent. **See restrictions below

Earn a 50-point bonus just for signing up.


Dining Room Special: Receive 10% off VIP check for 160 points. ***See restrictions below

Extra Happy Happy Hour: Receive 10% off VIP check during happy hour for 120 points.

Sweet Tooth Special: Receive a complimentary dessert for 100 points.

Monthly Dinner Special: All VIPs with 2,000 points or greater will be able to receive dinner for a total of 2,000 points. **** See restrictions below

Bottle Buster Special: Receive 20% off any bottle of wine for 100 points per bottle.

Additional VIP Specials: All of our VIP members will be emailed with specials each month such as concert dinners, wine dinners, and themed parties. VIP members will be entitled to use their points towards purchases related to these events.


*Earn one point for each dollar spent is subject to the following restriction: Maximum of 2,000 points earned on any party of 12 or more.

**VIPs will earn two points for every dollar spent when dining in the main dining room or gallery, excluding bar and high tops and reservations made between 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings. VIPs and their guests must be seated in the main dining room or gallery to earn double points. Only one point will be earned per dollar spent on the following days: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Ev

***The dining room special is subject to the following restrictions: VIPs and their guests must be seated in the main dining room, outside patio, or in the gallery, excluding bar and high tops. Points cannot be used on private events or on the following days: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.

****The monthly dinner special is subject to the following restrictions: VIPs can use 2,000 of their points to receive dinner with a maximum value of $400.00. All 2,000 points will be used for one visit only. One monthly dinner reward special per month.

Fine print:

1) All VIP members must be present at the time of purchase to earn points
2 All VIP members must pay for the bill.
3) VIP points can be used all year.
4) VIP members can register online or in person.
5) VIP members must be 21 or older
6) VIP points earned must be entered at the time of each visit.
7) VIP program benefits cannot be used in combination with other discounts available such as Driftwood member discounts.
8) VIP members will automatically be enrolled in the Drifthouse email program.
9) VIP points are non-transferable
10) Drifthouse by David Burke reserves the right to change the program or terminate the program at any point without notice. If the program is terminated, VIP members will be entitled to redeem their points within one year of termination.
11)Points are rewarded on post-discounted, pre-tip amount


Internationally awarded, celebrity Chef David Burke is redefining New Jersey’s dining scene winning numerous accolades along his way. The first restaurant he opened in the Garden State established the recipe for his growing empire: a world-class menu set in a fun, friendly, sassy ambiance reflecting each iconic location. That restaurant was DRIFTHOUSE by David Burke, which opened in 2018, and soon after earned “Best New Restaurant” by both Star Ledger and NJ Monthly.

The full-service oceanfront, year-round restaurant has a trendy, beach-chic interior serving a seafood focused menu. During warmer seasons there is an outdoor dining deck. A private dining room with views and an authentic wood-burning fireplace provides a perfect setting for social and business events. DRIFTHOUSE, the only oceanfront restaurant in Sea Bright, is located in the Driftwood Cabana Club owned by the Stavola family, who have owned and operated the club since 1957!

Wanting to serve the freshest seafood on the Jersey Shore, Chef Burke installed a custom-made saltwater lobster tank and oyster spa. Subsequently, DRIFTHOUSE was listed among “The 20 Best Succulent New Jersey Seafood Restaurants Too Sensational Not To Try 2021” by 94.3 FM The Point and “The Best Seafood Restaurants in New Jersey 2021” by Best of NJ.

The menu also features Chef Burke’s signature dishes like Clothesline Bacon, his patented Pink Himalayan Salt dry-aged prime steaks, vegetarian dishes, house-made pasta, seasonal desserts, premium wines from the world’s most notable wine regions, artisan cocktails, and local craft beers.

“I always imagined that no matter where in the world my culinary adventures and successes led me, I would someday return to my roots here at the Jersey Shore,” said Chef Burke. “I am a Shore boy at heart, as a teen I was a lifeguard at this very beach!”

Chef Burke created the kind of seaside dining spot he loves; turns out people love it too!

A recent favorable review in the local Two River Times marveled at the venue’s “intimate, friendly vibe… The combination of the lighting, food, music, and service made it feel very homey and welcoming, not at all large and impersonal…there is something for everyone here and it’s offered up in such a way that it will make you want to become a regular.”
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