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Platos Closet Cambridge Rewards

About Platos Closet Cambridge

AND THIS IS HOW YOU CAN GET THE MOST $$$$ FOR YOUR ITEMS 1. We are not a Thrift Store because we buy and sell clothing, shoes and acessories that are current and trendy and styles that have been seen in the mall stores in the last year or year and a half. 2. We are different than a Consignment Store because there is no appointment needed, there are no restrictions on the number of items you can bring in, we accept all seasons all year round and we pay you cash on the spot! 3. We do want you to get the most money for your items and if you follow these few steps your trip to Plato's Closet will be a successful one. a) Your items are freshly laundered - We cannot accept clothing with any stains or odors. b) All functions of the item are present and in working condition - We have to pass on items missing features such as belts, buttons and zippers. The items must be in "gently used" condition. c) PLEASE NO GARBAGE BAGS - Bring your items in reusable shopping bags, laundry baskets or small boxes. Items become too wrinkled, less desirable and increases wait times. WE BUY ALL DAY EVERYDAY!
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