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Monday 1:00pm- 9:00pm
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Scarborough Smiles - Toronto Rewards

About Scarborough Smiles - Toronto

Start earning points today! Here's how:

1 Point – For being on time for your appointment
2 Points – For liking us on Facebook
2 Points – For participating in our Facebook contests
2 Points – Tagging Scarborough Smile through your social media
5 – For sharing our Facebook page
5 – For handing estimate response to us
10 – Sending testimonial
50 - Referral
-2 Points – For every short notice cancellation or no show

All points can be redeemed on your next visit. 1pt = $1 off your visit!

We all want a beautiful smile

A beautiful smile broadcasts to the world how happy, healthy and youthful we feel. When people lose confidence in their smiles, it deeply affects their “presentation”, which in turn affects all areas of their lifestyle: at work and in social interaction. Study after study has shown that people who feel confident achieve much more in life.

As a dentist, my vision is to help people regain their joy in smiling; without worry or embarrassment; full flat out smiling; by getting the smile they always dreamed of: through cosmetic dentistry.
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