1775 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
M-F: 6AM - 2PM
 • Sat: 8AM - 2PM
 • Sun: CLOSED

BrewGrindz Coffee Shop Rewards

About BrewGrindz Coffee Shop

My husband and I always had a lot of love for coffee and we have always felt that many places lacked consistency. We started making our own coffee at home in hopes of finding that “perfect cup”, we had finally found the perfect formula. From there we created Mr Coffee Cup (AKA-BrewGrindz) and started in 2014 with an empty box truck, which became a coffee shop on wheels. To all of our supporters, we are so excited to share that we have a permanent home on Mineral Spring Ave in North Providence, RI. We cannot wait to open our doors so that you can enjoy our delicious, smooth, consistent Puerto Rican coffee.
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