All heart.
No egos.
Devs with a mission.

We love local!

We’re a passionate and humble group of engineers on a mission to help our local communities. We build great products which facilitate both in and out of store experiences. We believe that the freedom to fail is the freedom to learn. We’re tackling important and tough technical challenges together every day and are working to improve the way the world experiences local commerce.

Delivering in and out of store experiences for local businesses at scale






Apache Kafka











“I get the independence and support to work on and learn about things that interest me. Plus I get to work with my friends every day to build something cool.” – Alicia Luengo

“I love the fast paced engineering culture and feeling like a warrior everyday. My favorite quote is from our VP of Engineering, Zach Shubert: ‘If we build it, they will come.’” – Reenam Saluja

“What I love most about Fivestars is the opportunity to learn, to experiment with new technologies and to mentor young and budding engineers.” – Harvinder Singh


“My favorite thing about the Fivestars engineering team is the ability to contribute to architecture decisions no matter how junior the team member is, interns included.” – Brandon Bil

Cool things we do:

Dev Retreat

Our annual 2 – 3 day retreat is  mainly for bonding and recharging, but can include specific topics for part of the time.


We also host small team retreats for 2 – 3 days to work off-site on specific tasks, which can be on roadmap or off.


Build anything you want with anyone you want. Our annual hackathon happens over two days right before the Dev Retreat.

Show and Tell

Every other Friday afternoon, teams give quick, ten minute presentations about  products and features that are coming up or in progress.

Brown Bag

Every Thursday at lunch, different members or teams will present on things they’re working on or challenges that have come up. Occasionally, an external guest will present on certain technologies.


Engineers suggest topics for discussion about procedures/products/team dynamics that they like, don’t like, and are neutral on. Always brings up things for us to improve on.

Corneria Coffee & Sweet Spot

Our very own in-house small business simulation.

Love Your Neighbor

Quarterly company-wide opportunities to give back to our local communities

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