The marketing program made for your cafe

Thousands of coffee shop owners like you trust Fivestars’s easy-to-use loyalty program


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A marketing program as powerful (and enticing) as your coffee

Send one-time offers to give your sales a jolt

Want your latest coffee creation to get some attention? Fill more tables during slow times?  


With the Fivestars Promotions tool, you can send a one-time offer any time your cafe revenue needs a boost. We’ll deliver the offer by text, email, or through the Fivestars app, so your customers won’t miss it.

Delight first-timers and regulars alike with marketing automation

Send your cafe patrons thoughtful marketing offers they won’t be able to resist—like a free pastry on their birthday, or a free coffee when they bring in a friend—without lifting a finger. Fivestars’ fully automated system AutoPilot your customers the right deal for the moment, getting them to return for their next caffeine fix again and again.

Simple tools to attract more coffee-lovers

Your coffee-happy customers are your best marketing, and our Word of Mouth tool makes it easy for them to get the buzz going about you. Word of Mouth turns deals shareable, empowering your customers to introduce your cafe to their family and friends with an enticing incentive.

With Network Matching, we draw from our 25-million-strong network to send your offers to folks in your community who love local cafes. We’ll also send some of your customers deals for neighboring—but never competing—businesses in your area.  

We put the best tech to work bringing your customers back


Our Customer TouchScreen’s interface is friendly and intuitive, and allows cafe customers to check in or sign themselves up for your Fivestars marketing program in a few, quick minutes: so your line keeps moving.


Fivestars Connect software for point-of-sale or tablet helps you keep track of every aspect of your cafe’s rewards program, from how many loyalty points a particular customer has earned, to how your marketing program is performing as a whole.


For days you’re out and about, the Merchant Mobile app lets you keep track of all the activity in your coffee shop and send promotions with photos right from your phone.


Our free Fivestars app for customers (available for both iOS and Android) introduces customers in your area to your cafe, helps them track their rewards, and notifies them when they’re eligible for a deal.