The Best Clover POS Rewards App

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Get the best Clover rewards app - available for Clover Station and Clover Mini


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Fivestars for Clover Point of Sale - The Best Clover Rewards App

Using Clover for your point of sale—and are looking for a Clover rewards app that can boost your revenue? We’ve got you covered. The Fivestars Clover app makes it simple to run a customized rewards program with your Clover point of sale. It’s also easy for your employees to administer your Clover rewards program by awarding points to your deserving and loyal customers—all automatically. Get the best Clover rewards app right on your Clover Station or Clover Mini with Fivestars.


Get Started - How to Set Up Your Fivestars Clover Rewards App

We want to help you maximize your Clover POS with the very best rewards and loyalty program available. Check the the list below and contact us to make sure you have everything you need. We’ll guide you through the quick process and help with any issues installing your Fivestars Clover app. We can provide tips and best practices for Fivestars businesses and we’re constantly improving the Fivestars Clover app to reward the customers that love your business.

All you need is

– The Fivestars rewards program

– A Clover Station or Clover Mini

– A rewards program that gives points to customers for dollars spent

With Fivestars you can

– Calculate points on the total pre or post-tax amount via the Clover app

– Assign points and Clover rewards across multiple POS systems and even business locations

Do You Have Other Point Of Sale Systems, Apps, or Programs?

Our Clover rewards app is just one of the many Fivestars point of sale apps all linked together across a variety of point of sale systems including all of the best Fivestars programs. You can enjoy our features not just through our Clover app, but also on Harbortouch, Aloha, Aldelo, Quickbooks, Windows POS and more. Don’t see your point of sale on the list? Fivestars goes beyond a Clover rewards program to deliver easy loyalty integration for many point of sale systems. Give us a call or drop us a line, and we’ll talk you through your options.