Marketing Automation

Send the right rewards at the right time with smart automation. Let automation do the heavy lifting.


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Meet AutoPilot

AutoPilot is the tool at the heart of the Fivestars program, sending your customers the targeted offers they’ll love—totally automatically. We designed AutoPilot explicitly for the needs of local businesses (and their time-strapped owners) to deliver the perfectly-timed nudges that get customers coming back and spending more.

Send the right message at the right time

AutoPilot works on a series of triggers based on critical moments in a customer’s journey, like a first-time visit, a birthday, or if they’re at risk for not coming back. Best of all, AutoPilot is fully automatic once it’s up and running, keeping track of your customers and their rewards so you don’t have to.



A reward for signing up means the customer starts off with an incentive. It’s a great way to say hello!


First Visit

Over 60% of new customers don’t come back after their first visit, but an extra reward can cut that number significantly.



A customer’s likelihood to return drops 50-75% every 30 days. We help you engage at-risk customers before it’s too late.



Recapture customers who have been inactive from five months up to a year.



Repeat customers drive 80% of your revenue, but if you send them a promotion, you can increase their visit rates by 25% or more. They’ll spend more when they visit too.



Bring the customers that found you through the Fivestars network back in your store with targeted messaging.



With the lapsed campaign you can increase the likelihood of a returning customer by up to four times.



Give your customer one more reason to celebrate, with you!

Even more ways to reward your customers

Seasonal event? Slow day? We’ve got you covered. With our Promotions tool, it’s easy to send special rewards for special occasions—or even when you just want a little boost.

Say goodbye to slow days