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Attracting new customers is a vital part of your business’s growth—and it doesn’t have to be a headache. That’s why Fivestars built tools—using the delight of your customers, and the power of your network—for simple, low-cost, and astonishingly effective customer acquisition.

Word of Mouth

Recommendations from family and friends might be the most effective marketing there is, yielding twice the sales of paid advertising. The Fivestars Word of Mouth feature adds sharing to the power of customer loyalty—and acquires a whole new group of customers.



Shareable AutoPilot and Promotions

Every deal you send, whether trigger-based, like the offers from AutoPilot, or one-time, like ones sent through the Promotions tool, can now be shared by your loyal customers. 


Shareable through text

When your customers receive a deal by text, they’ll be able to share using a pre-populated message that includes a link to your offer.


Tap to accept and share

Each AutoPilot and Promotions message includes a trackable link and a call to action: “Tap to accept and share with friends.” The mobile landing page from these links gives your customers the opportunity to send the deal out to their network.


Controls on Dashboard

Want to make only certain deals shareable? No problem. All campaigns and promotions except Birthday will be on by default, but you can easily change that at any time in your AutoPilot settings or when you’re setting up a one-time deal through the Promotions tool.

Network Matching

The special weapon for local businesses

When you add 20 new customers to your Fivestars rewards program in a week, we’ll start sending your offers to active local shoppers and diners in our community who we think will love your business. And we’ll send some of your best customers offers for your Fivestars merchant neighbors (don’t worry, we’ll steer clear of businesses that are too similar to yours), strengthening your local community.

Beat big box retailers

  • 6x more effective than advertising on the leading social network
  • 3x more effective than advertising on the leading search engine
  • Automatically managed with AutoPilot

Even more paths toward discovery

Not a SEO expert? Don’t worry, we are.

Your Fivestars Merchant Profile is another way for your newest customers to discover you and get excited about what you have to offer. Not only are our Merchant Profiles featured on our easily browsable Merchant Database, they’re optimized for search engines, and will raise awareness with customers searching for your keywords.

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