Loyalty and Retention

There’s no better marketing option out there for small businesses. Turn all your customers into regulars.


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Why is customer retention marketing so good at growing your business

Imagine if every person who visited your store for the first time paid you a return visit. Getting new customers to try out your business is a good way to grow—but getting your existing customers to return is even better. With Fivestars, you’ll transform casual shoppers into regulars, by sending personalized offers they can’t resist.

Keep track of your customers

When you sign up customers for your Fivestars program, they’re added to your customer database. From there, we’ll keep track of the points they earn and automatically send them rewards based on where they are in their journey with your business.

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  • Tagging allows you to further customize their experience. You can note their gender, age group, spending habits—really, anything you’d like—that will further help you send them deals that are specific to them.
  • Segmentation When you’re ready to send a special offer, segmentation will allow you to deliver your offer to the special group you want to receive it, be it a pre-populated group like first time visitors, or a tag you devised yourself.
  • Import You don’t have to start from scratch. Easily import contacts from Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and other services to get your program going.

Customers redeem rewards with ease

On their end…

Once signed up, it’s easy for your customers to sign in to earn points and redeem rewards. All they need is their phone number. Since they earn rewards every time they check in, customers don’t mind signing in—some even enjoy it.

Fivestars is a TCPA compliant program, and all customer activity is logged for fraud prevention.

On your end…

All your customer loyalty interactions are powered by Fivestars Connect software, which can run on a Fivestars-provided tablet, or directly on your point-of-sale.

Rewards as unique as your business

We’re happy to help you set your rewards when you start your Fivestars program, and just as happy to see all the creative rewards our merchants think of themselves. Points could go toward earning a free appetizer, an item in your store, or an add-on service. They could also go to things like naming a menu item or getting a free tee-shirt. It’s all up to you.

See (and enjoy) the results

We’re big on data: through your dashboard, you’ll be able to easily track how your program is performing, from new customers you’ve signed up and return visits you’ve scored, to rewards redeemed, and more.  

Want the loyalty without the heavy lifting?

Keeping up with your customers doesn't have to take up all your time. With intelligent automation, Fivestars puts your growth goals within reach.

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